Our Story

After becoming new aunts, sisters, Laura and Lizzie wanted to create a company that catered to all the wonderful mothers in the world. When their twin nieces arrived, they realized that the beautiful chaos of raising children took away from mommy me time. So, with some thought and with some advice from their sister, a knowledgeable mama of three, they decided an online children’s boutique mixed with treat yourself items for moms seemed like the perfect combination.

As children, Laura and Lizzie grew up in a household of three sisters, which meant we outnumbered our wonderful working parents. When our parents were busy, we’d spend majority of our time with our grandparents, Anmommie and Sarge. We loved going to their house, and they loved having us. Whenever they could lend a hand, they’d gladly help out.

That’s part of the reason we named our business Libby & Puddins. Since we were little babies, our grandfather, Sarge, branded us with nicknames: Puddins belonged to Laura and Libby was leashed to Lizzie. Out of a love for our grandparents, Libby & Puddins was born and designed to remind us of the kindness they showed our family. With our brand, we, too, want to share that same compassion and offering with our customers.   

Today, moms have plenty on their plate. Libby & Puddins was created with a mindset to make life a little less hectic for parents. If our online store can provide you with the perfect item, saving you from running another errand, then we’ve lent a hand to you. If we achieve that, then we believe we’ve made your day a little brighter, and well, that makes us happy.